The Ancient City of the Mask Makers was a former capital-esque city located on Okoto. It stood as the home of the Mask Makers, and a place of pride on Okoto.


A once great city, the Ancient City was an incredibly busy city on par with the Capital City, an economic hub filled with all sorts of activity, including mask making and gladiator games. Its inhabitants came frequently to trade, share, and seek entertainment. The city was built surrounded by deep chasms on all sides, with the only point of entry being a single bridge connecting it with the rest of the island. Its buildings were largely created from stone or metal, with the most notable structures being the Arena  and the Forge of the Mask Makers.


The city was built at some point in the distant past, near the Temple of Light. It enjoyed thousands of years of peace under the mask makers. At some point, the city was abandoned, likely during the invasion of the Skull Spiders. This left the city in a serious form of decay, leaving it to become overgrown and dangerous to traverse. Because of this, it became an ideal base to the Lord of Skull Spiders and Kulta, vengeful after Makuta's defeat, with his skeleton army.

It was also here in which both were defeated at the hands of the unified Masters and Ekimu, In the first Battle for the Ancient City of the Mask Makers.

It also served as the site for the Second Battle of the Ancient City, between the forces of Ekimu, the Toa, Okotans, Elemental Creatures and Makuta's army, the Shadow Horde.