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Korgot, the Protector of Earth, was one of the six Protectors. She guarded the villages in the region of Earth, on Okoto.

History []

Before the arrival []

Korgot inherited the position of defending the Region of Earth from her father or, perhaps, mother. She was told the Prophecy of Heroes, which her ancestors had learned from the Mask Maker Ekimu, after his battle with his brother, Makuta, to be recited in times of peril.

When Skull Spiders began to attack Korgot's village, she and the other Protectors went to the Temple of Time to recite the ancient Prophecy of Heroes. Not long after, the six Toa landed on Okoto. There was a loud crash in the Region of Earth and Korgot led her people to its source, where she met Onua. Korgot informed Onua of his destiny, but the Toa insisted he knew nothing about defeating evil. Korgot then brought Onua on a journey through the region of earth on a search for his golden mask.

Quest for the Golden Mask of Earth[]

Onua follwed Korgot as she walked along the rocky floor. It was still bright where they were from the crystals.

After a long time of walking they were extremely tired. They slowed down, but as they did, Skull Spiders crawled from the walls, downwards going for the toa and protector. Onua brought up his hammer, fighting back the Skull Spiders, protecting Korgot. After the short confrontation, they continued onward. Once they got to the shrine, Onua put his claws away, and went to grab the mask. Skull Spiders charged from all directions, Kogot blasted and punched at the spiders, as much as she could do, to provide the opening to acquire the mask. After Onua put donned the mask, he retrieved his claws, and crushed the Skull Spiders, saving her from the creatures.

Battle for the Ancient City[]

Korgot stayed momentarily, then went back with her fellow Protectors. To gather at the edge of the city, there to aid the Toa if needed. They would follow them in and help with the defeat. The Protectors took a different route, finding themselves with the Lord of Skull Spiders, they brought down his lair, defeating him, and many of his minions, the skull spiders. This aided the Toa in their fight for good. Vizuna and Korgot worked really close on this particular mission, with Korgot asking the Protector of Jungle iif he would teach her how to use the bow.


Korgot was a wise and intelligent protector, she was very defensive, and well trained. She was a confident and determined warrior of Okoto, and she protected her land well.

Powers and Tools[]

Korgot wore a special Elemental Earth Mask, passed down through generation to generation. She is also equipped with a start drill, and a chest shooter.

Korgot's Rapid Shooter

Start Dill