The Mask of Control was a legendary Mask of Power worn by Makuta as a Mask Maker

History Edit

The Mask of Control was worn by Makuta when he was a Mask Maker.

In time, Makuta grew envious of his brother Ekimu's popularity. Forging the Mask of Ultimate Power, he broke the sacred law that no mask could contain more than one element. Abandoning his old mask, he donned the forbidden mask and battled Ekimu. The Battle of the Mask Makers resulted in both brothers falling comatose, and Makuta's Mask of Control was hidden by the Elemental Creatures within the Labyrinth of Control.

A thousand years passed, and the Toa embarked on a quest to recover the mask and bring it to Ekimu. They were pursued by Umarak, an ancient hunter carrying out Makuta's will. Umarak managed to obtain it after a battle with Pohatu, but as he donned it, Makuta's spirit harnessed its power to transform him into the bestial Destroyer. The mask then warped into a corrupted form.

As he carried out the rest of Makuta's plan, he used the Mask of Control to transform the Shadow Traps into an army of Elemental Beasts. Umarak's energies were thereafter consumed by Makuta to complete his plan, and the Mask of Control was lost in the Shadow Realm.

Powers Edit

The Mask of Control, when worn, gave its user the ability to bend the minds of other beings to their will. Makuta harnessed its energies when Umarak put it on, transforming his mind as well as his body.

Forms Edit

  • Mask of Control
  • Corrupted Mask of Control