Toa Masks

Masks are used for ceremonial purposes, or are bestowed upon individuals to grant Powers.

Powers and Usage Edit

All beings have within themselves various sized pools of magical energy. A mask acts as a key that allows this energy to affect the natural world in a way proscribed by the runic symbols present on the mask.

Most beings cannot access the full potential of masks. A mask of fire, for a normal being, could provide them with a resistance to heat and maybe proficiency at starting and using fires, as well as the ability to charge elemental weaponry. However, someone with the mental strength and sufficient power could work supernatural effects such as shooting fireballs, setting things alight, and causing objects to spontaneously combust, as well as the lesser abilities stated above. However, if a mask is made with multiple elements, it is highly unstable by nature, and the uncontrolled energy can be drawn upon more easily by anyone.

Some beings are "bonded" to one element (e.g: the toa), and can only utilize masks which were crafted using that power.

Mask Making Edit

The art of making masks is an ancient and delicate practice the entirety of which is known only to the Mask Makers. Though no one knows the whole process, it is generally said that the making follows a distinct formula, which is as follows:

  1. Natural materials and/or elemental crystals are used to imbue the materials that the mask is shaped out of (preferably metal or crystal) with elemental energy. The imbuing object is normally drained of all its magical energy and life force in doing so, and is destroyed.
  2. The soon to be mask is poured out into a mold, giving it a rough shape.
  3. Over a specially prepared forge, the mask is smoothed out and engraved with runic symbols which control the flow of energy through the mask, stabilizing it. These runes can also provide the mask with alternate powers. A rune can also be applied after the mask is forged if it is reheated in the fire it was made in.

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