The savannah where Pedera is located

A village in the Region of Stone


Pedera is a village located around the center of the Region of Stone. The village was built on top of a small hill in the Region's savannah, and, in the eyes of the islanders native to the Region, resembles a group of cut stones typically found at a quarry. Some islanders believe that the village was named by stonecutters or sculptors.

Pedera is commonly known as a "honeycomb" village because of how close the adobe houses are grouped together. A unique quality about the village is the fact that paths are non-existant anywhere inside the village. The villagers of Pedera walk on the roofs of the adobes to get to a certain place in the village and use ladders to navigate buildings with different heights. Pedera does have a center plaza on the ground where most trading takes place, however the center and the outskirts of the village where a few farms are currently located are the only places without any buildings.

Pedera acts as the Regions main source of cut stone for sculptors or architecture, such as stone bricks for shrines or temples. There are several quarries near the village where Pederan Stonemasons gather and cut stone. Since the Cataclysm, Pederan villagers also have been working on a canal that reaches the village from the coast so the village can farm their own crops. The canal is currently finished and Pedera has a few farms near the village.


Pedera translates as 'Quarry'

Pedera's description is based off the ancient city of Çatalhöyük and the Djado Ruins