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Concept art of Pojan.

Pojan is the Capital City of the Region of Stone. It is home to Nilkuu, Protector of Stone.


The city of Pojan is home to most of the region's stonemasons, animal-herders, and merchants. The city acts as a main hub for trade in the region. It contains many important buildings such as the Protector's Hall, the Stonemason Tents, and the Hammer Flush Arena.

The city is located in one of the mountain ranges of the region, as a cave city. Just outside the city's entrance is a field of ancient pillars with runes carved into them, similar to pillars found across the region. The nature of the pillars is unknown, but the villagers have come up with many explanations for them, such as they may have been enchanted to protect the region, built to maintain or generate elemental stone energy, or served as graves for fallen ancestors.

Pojan's Protector's Hall was built inside the mountain and is a sizable building, serving as one of the more grand examples of the Stone Okotans' architectural prowess. The Protector's Hall has a couple of guard towers and acts as the base of operations for the Stone Region's separate military organizations, including the Pederan Guard, the Eparran Guard, and the Haposian Guard. The Region's Protector, Nilkuu, resides in the Hall.

Pojan has the most Stonemason Tents out of the four Stone Villages, and most of the Region's masons live in the city. The masons of the city make statues, altars, and help with wall carvings. Masons also leave carvings on their houses, and neighborhoods in Pojan are determined by the symbol on each house.

The Hammer Flush Arena, like many of the arenas in Okoto, have qualities unique to the element of the region. For example, the Pojan Arena has rocks carved into spheres the players can hit to try and slow down the other team. Some players do use boomerangs to try and knock other players off the middle of the arena where the button is located. The arena's staff, mostly from the village of Eparra, can activate an artificial dust storm to lower the players' vision. Stone Okotan athletes in general are known to be physically, and sometimes in every sense, stubborn as well as resilient and quick.

It seems that Pojan also has a more noticable affinity for scorpions. Some warriors of the guard where armor that looks insect-like and almost resemble the statues in the Shrine of the Golden Mask of Stone. Many designs and wall paintings of Ketar are also found all around the city.


Pojan means 'steadfast' in the Okotan Language