The Region of Fire was one of six elemental regions located on Okoto.

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The Region of Fire was a rocky-molten landscape, with a large volcano closer to the center of Okoto. It didn't erupt often, but it was still active. Rivers and lakes of lava flowed on it's surface, but were not a danger to it's inhabitants. Okotans lived in stone buildings, keeping them secure. The western part of the region bordered the Region of Earth, which made a crystal-magma blend on the border between both regions. Some of the crystal energy flowed with the molten rock on the border as well. This was a source of energy, but very few journeyed so close to the border.

History Edit

At some point in time, the region became infested with Skull Spiders.

Eventually, Tahu descended from the sky to an unknown part of the region, here the Protector of Fire explained his destiny to him. The two set off to find the Golden Mask of Fire.

Before Tahu could claim her mask, the Protector of Fire was attacked by Skull Spiders. Tahu defeated them, and then set off for the Ancient City of the Mask Makers.

Tahu later tracked down Ikir here, hoping to form unity with the creature of Fire.

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