The Region of Stone was one of six elemental regions located on Okoto.

Description Edit

The great barren desert spread across the northwestern part of Okoto. The most dangerous phenomenon in the desert was sandstorms that blow across the wasteland. Cacti grew in different places across the desert. Large sandy domed villages protruded from the sides of cliffs. It's southern edge bordered the Region of Earth, creating a barren rocky border, that was easier to cross for travel.

History Edit

The Region of Stone housed the Capital City, however during the Battle of the Mask Makers, it was dragged into the Shadow Realm. Only the Black Crater was left as evidence of its existence.

At some point in time, the region became infested with Skull Spiders.

Eventually, Pohatu descended from the sky to an unknown part of the region, here the Protector of Stone explained his destiny to him. The two set off to find the Golden Mask of Stone.

Before Pohatu could claim his mask, the Protector of Stone was attacked by Skull Spiders. Pohatu defeated them, and then set off for the Ancient City of the Mask Makers.

Pohatu later tracked down Ketar here, hoping to form unity with the Creature of Stone.