The Skull Scorpios were a species of Skull Creature, under the leadership of Kulta, the Skull Grinder. These creatures roamed the Ancient City, guarding it from good, particularly the Graveyard.

Skull Scorpio - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot-1

Skull Scorpio - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot-1

Skull Scorpio Character Video

History Edit

The Graveyard Edit

The Skull Scorpios were never truly undead, as they were created by Makuta. Though the skeletal appearance of these creatures may suggest otherwise, they have been spawned from the shadow, which would technically make them an undead creature. They acted as scouts for the other Skull Creatures.

The creatures came from the graveyard, and were designated to guarding it. When Lewa attempted to pass along with the other Toa, the Skull Scorpios rebuked and depleted all of the Toa except for Lewa.

Defeat Edit

The Skull Scorpios managed to corrupt Pohatu's mask, but the other Toa helped him to safety, and fought off the rest of the pack of Skull Scorpios. When they fought together, they destroyed the rest of the creatures, and saved Pohatu's mask.

Powers and Tools Edit

Skull Scorpios, were granted a power of Elemental Absorption, which allowed them to corrupt Pohatu's mask.

They also has a large bladed tail, and sharp claws.