The Skull Warriors were Skull Creatures, reanimated corpses created by Kulta to serve as soldiers in his Skull Army.
Skull Warrior - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot

Skull Warrior - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot

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Battle for the Ancient CityEdit

Upon entering the Ancient City of the Mask Makers, Tahu accidentally set off a trap that sealed the Toa inside the city. Skull Warriors then emerged from the ground and more began firing from a top the wall at the Toa. Onua used his Earthquake Hammer to defeat the ones that came from the ground, but also collapsed the bridge upon which they entered. Lewa returned from scouting and knocked the Skull Warriors from the wall onto the ground, where they were easily dispatched by the other Toa. 

The Protectors and Harvali later found the remains of these Skull Warriors when they too entered the city. But they were forced to engage another group. They successfully defeated them before moving on to meet Ekimu and the Toa. 

Final DefeatEdit

Later, after the Okotans had reclaimed the city, the remaining Skull Warriors attacked, but were initially dismissed as not being much of a threat until a force of Skull Spiders teamed up with them. However, using their new masks and armour, the Toa swiftly defeated the force of enemies, before moving on to find their Elemental Creatures.

Skull Warrior, the soldiers of the Skull Army

Powers and ToolsEdit


The Freeze Bow

Skull Warriors aad the power of Elemental Absorption

Skull Warriors were physically weak, but made up for it in large numbers. They were however accurate shooters.

They carried a Freeze Bow, which could fire frost pellets that froze enemies in place. In melee combat Skull Warriors utilised their Ice Spear. They all wore a Skull Mask.