Velka is the General of the Region of Stone on the island of Okoto.

 Biography Edit

Velka won the tournament of the elemental regions againts Rahla and Hanak, who cheated by using a bow when one of the rules clearly establishes the exclusive use of melee weapons.

 Set Information Edit

  • This set was revealed on January 20th, 2017.
  • The set contains 59 pieces.
  • From the official product description:

New from BIONICLE Legacy: Stepping out of the arena victorious, Velka, the General of Stone, prepares to search the dunes for its lurking menace. Its a fight for survival but who will live? Follow Velka as he charts his own adventure in the legend of the Bionicle.

Set features:
-Custom, self painted, brown mask
-Durable design for intense action play
-Legendary Rohari Blade and Gihu Shield
-A height of over 6 inches (15 cm)!
-Fully posable limbs for unique battle poses

Trivia Edit

  • Velka was the first general presented for the current set design manager and thanks to him, all generals have a common design feature: the use of bohrok eyes in one way or another for the armor.
  • After the first patch, Velka design will lose any signal of light brown or white pieces in favor of a better color scheme.
  • His first appearance was in The Field of Dunes

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